“Release the names of our family”- Cameroonians demand

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Three of the Cameroonians on board the La Belle Michelle

Africans living in Cameroon are demanding that the Sk Kitts and Nevis government release the names of their loved ones, especially those who did not survive the tragic accident at sea last week Tuesday.

“We are dying. We need to hear from them. We want to know if our family is dead or alive. We are not hearing from Antigua and Barbuda, we are not hearing from St Kitts and Nevis, our families are struggling”, a woman named Fidella wrote on Instagram

Family and friends of the Cameroonians whose vessel capsized off St Kitts and Nevis have been on social media, seeking answers from the authorities. They have been posting on Facebook, Instagram, and even on Twitter, hoping that the authorities holding the information would release it.

“We don’t know who is alive and we don’t know who is dead. Can you imagine someone waiting since last week, cannot sleep, cannot eat…My sister was on that trip. I don’t know if she is alive. Help me find my sister” she wrote

A man who is a doctor in another country said his daughter was on that dangerous journey and no word has come forth.

“I am sad. I am broken. At least they need to make a call to us. I know what they did was wrong but Alas we need to know something, “ he said

He said he communicated with his daughter every day until that tragic incident. The man fears that she may have perished with the other 14. Only three dead bodies were pulled from the sea. The others were never retrieved however the search to find them has been called off.

Many Cameroonians arrived in Antigua between December and February on chattered flights from Africa.

They said they were promised connecting flights to the United States of America; where many believe that the grass is greener.

The Antigua and Barbuda government has promised to bury the dead Cameroonians and contact their family.


  1. Mae

    I agree with the Cameroon government. They need to stop hiding information and release the names. Also the names of the two boat crew.

  2. Raymond Meyer

    I even called them on Thursday 30th march two days after the incident took place to find out the names of the missing victims and no information came from them.
    #Release the names of those missing and those who survived#

  3. Tired

    Did they tell the public when they were traveling? Family members are aware of who was going where. They facilitated this journey. Was there a manifest? Call the persons that organized this trip.. just tired..

    • Annoyed

      You are so right…


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