Reps from three political parties discuss issues confronting youth

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

By Makeida Antonio

Youth leaders from the three major political parties discussed various issues facing the country’s young people

The event was yet another installment in the UWI Five Islands Campus public advocacy series held on Monday night.

The intention was to call on young political leaders to showcase their talents and ideas regarding the lack of youth involvement in political discourse and ways to get young voters interested

Youth unemployment was one of their fiercer topics discussed tonight

The floor was also opened at the ends for questions from the audience which comprised of students, residents, and party supporters.

The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party’s Carl Christopher said an initiative such as this should continue.

“The young people were allowed to lend their voice to the discussion of developing the county in terms of the policy…Hopefully, these initiatives continue…” he said.

United Progressive Party’s Chevaugn Benjamin said the forum allowed youths to get a taste of what the future of politics in Antigua and Barbuda looks like.

“It allows us to realize that we have competent youths who are capable of taking the lead. It allows us to see where we are and where we have to get to,” he said.

Imhoff told following the end of the event last night that such forums are critical in the overall development of youth on the island

“I think these 12 installments of this series have helped ensure youth voices are heard. These forums provide an opportunity for young people to bring their concerns directly to the politicians

Imhoff said much too often, young people are left out and are second thoughts “or no thoughts at all”.


  1. Ras Jus

    Great begining, and the active participation of reps. from each political party lats the foundation of a united front to address that issue in the interest of the country as a whole

  2. Anonymous

    Interesting just hope they take the input of those youths seriously


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