Rise in youth-related violence being discussed at National Youth Parliament

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

National Youth Parliament Association of Antigua and Barbuda (NYPAAB) is currently holding its annual youth parliament debate.

The debate started at around 9 o’clock at the House of Assembly with several parliamentarians including government Minister Samantha Marshall and Opposition Senator Shawn Nicholas

Other participants include former parliamentarians Ezekiel Francois, Esquire Henry, Christal Percival, Celine Edwards, Aziza Lake, Shaquan O’Neil, Chrysean Jarvis, Zachary Phillips, Jahmaal Frederick, Marver Woodley and Jonathan Wehner.

Three legislative items on the agenda this morning to include “Rural Housing for Youth Bill, 2023, a Resolution of the House of Assembly, Approving the Decision of the General Assembly to Call for Action to Rehabilitate and Develop At-Risk Youth and a Resolution of the House of Assembly, Approving the Decision of the General Assembly to Stand in Intergenerational Solidarity with Young People”

The debate will also address the recent rise in youth and gang-related violence.

The issue of youth violence and gang-related crimes is a source of public concern

The youth parliamentarians will also praise the efforts of the OECS and the Ministry of Social Transformation for “pushing for the transformation of the juvenile justice system through the Juvenile Justice Reform Project (JJRP) while emphasizing that priority must be given to the completion of facilities such as the Boy’s Training School, which are necessary for restorative justice for young people, among other things”

The debate will also address the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, approved by the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015. 


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