Senior police officers now better able to deal with cyber crime

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Samuel Joseph, and Inspector of Police, Frankie Thomas


​Two senior police officers recently returned to the island, after participating in a Cybersecurity\Cyberdefence training seminar in Bogota, Columbia.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Samuel Joseph, and Inspector of Police, Frankie Thomas were among several other regional security forces representing the police force and the nation of Antigua and Barbuda on matters concerning the threat of cybercrime, and cyber-related security issues.

The training, which was sponsored in part by CARICOM IMPACS and the Government and People of Columbia, saw several Senior Government Officials and High-ranking military and police personnel from Columbia, along with a number of Regional Security Forces and officials coming together to discuss the whole issue of Cyberdefence and Cybersecurity.

As part of the discussion, participants were asked to make a presentation on their respective countries while highlighting some of the challenges in terms of legislation to address the issues of cybercrime; Access and Information Sharing; Investigative Challenges; Legislative Harmonization, and Access to International Treaties; Access to cutting-edge Technology in the areas of Cybercrime Investigation, as well as Funding.

Many of the participants were able to share their concerns while putting forward suggestions to create better networking among security forces and government officials.

​According to Thomas, more fundings and resources are needed in Antigua and Barbuda and the region at large, to deal with cyber crime

“There is also a concern that information is not shared the way it ought to, as well as funding and the right type of equipment and resources for us to be more effective as we fight against cybercrime”, he added

ACP Samuel Joseph also echoed similar sentiments and went further to state, “We were able to represent our country to the best of our ability and to get the message across that we need assistance if we are to adequately and effectively address the threat of cybercrime in our country”.

The two-day seminar was held at the Hilton Hotel at Carrera in Bogota, Columbia.


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