Serial rapist in Golden Grove, police patrol to increase

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

There have been reports of a potential serial rapist in Golden Grove, causing panic in the community, especially among single mothers and women who are living by themselves.

In recent times, at least two women from Golden Grove claimed that they were raped by a man with similar features. Another woman was able to escape in one instance.

The man is dark in complexion, medium built, and about 5ft 8 inches in height. The police have not yet been able to apprehend him.

“This is not the first time within the Golden Grove area that we have seen an upsurge in this type of heinous crime and criminal activity,” Information Minister Melford Nicholas said.

He told reporters at the weekly Cabinet press briefing on Thursday that police patrol will be out in this area doing additional surveillance, “but I think it also requires the compliment of individuals and collective community actions as well to stem the scourge of this development,” he said.

The government is encouraging able residents to ramp up security at their homes.

“The government has given a waiver of duties and the importation of surveillance systems. We know that there are individuals who have used them in their homes, and we continue to encourage that. We continue to encourage communities to act in their self-interest and establish community groups,” Nicholas said.

“So, there are several things that can complement and act as a shield in terms of increasing security in these particular areas. I recall that a previous commissioner of police, Mr. Wendell Robinson, had appealed to my ministry for the expansion of the CCTV surveillance system, in particular, the troubled areas in Cashew Hill at the time,” Nicholas added.


  1. Coward

    Too much bush in golden and nut grove Mr minister a beg you please clear up the empty land that is bushy

  2. Anonymous

    Hope they catch him soon

    • Mystic

      Who RAPE no Escape
      Knock before u Enter
      Don’t Violate
      Love & HATE
      Get a New BAG
      Get a Job ah Swagg.
      If U are Billy Gene
      Some Kinda PHENE.
      Don’t hide Behind
      De Screen… dats MEAN..
      Help! YELP ! Help..
      Come CLEAN..
      ” NutS of Golden & Grove*..
      Nik SURVEILANCE Ketch SHARK 🦈????

  3. Anonymous

    Same discription broke into our house after one in the morning and jus so that I happen to wake up and see him coming through the window

    • Paulina/eagle eyez

      Eagleeyez ; Making an example of those WHO choose to violate one’s body , should be compulsory. Everyone should feel free to ask for what’s needed, BUT it’s always right to accept a YES OR NO . Whenever you take without giving Please face your penalty. PLAIN AND SIMPLE


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