Seven beauties to take the stage in Labour Queen Pageant tomorrow

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

The Dean William Lake Cultural Center will come alive tomorrow, as seven young ladies will take the stage in the annual Labour Queen Pageant.

The annual event is a collaboration between the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party and the Antigua Trades and Labour Union.

It is held to commemorate Labour Day, which is observed on the first Monday in May every year.

The contestants are Denesha Samuel – Miss St. Mary’s South; Cariesa Corbett – Miss St. John’s City West; Teresha Nanton – Miss St. John’s City South; Cassie Vitalis – Miss St. Mary’s North; Delekah Weste – Miss St. Paul; Mekesha Browne – Miss St. John’s Rural North and Lynnique Stanislaus – Miss St. John’s Rural South.

The seven beauties will be judged in performing talent, swimwear and introduction, evening wear and question and answer.

The winner will walk away with $4000.00 and all seven contestants will receive a scholarship to peruse studies in a field of their choice.


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