Shot in the Line of Duty, Shane Anthony Shows Resilience and Gratitude

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Shane Anthony, the Secretary of the St Joseph’s Academy who was robbed at gunpoint recently is recounting the dreadful ordeal which he said could have cost him his life. Anthony however is in good spirits and has expressed gratitude to the public for their concern.

“I want to show everyone my face to assure them that I’m okay. I’m still in good spirits, and I truly appreciate the genuine love and concern from everyone”, he said

While working on the premises to repair a broken pipe from the previous Friday, Anthony, sustained injuries to the left side of his face.

Unable to address the issue immediately, he decided to return over the weekend to fix it. “So on Sunday afternoon around 03:00, I came back here and began working on the plumbing,” Anthony explained.

Shortly after, a teacher arrived, which made him feel more at ease being on the premises. As the repair was nearly complete, Anthony noticed two men standing behind him.

They demanded money, causing him to momentarily forget about his phone, which had been beside him. In an attempt to lead them into the range of a security camera, he suggested walking in front of the office.

“As I guided them around, one of them remarked, ‘But you’re taking us where the camera is.'”

“I replied, ‘Yes, I’m taking you where the camera is, so you won’t be seen.’ He didn’t respond.”

Anthony continued, “So then Gatia said, ‘Okay, since you were asking for money,’ and I opened my wallet and gave them $120.”

When the assailants demanded his phone and threatened him with a gun, Anthony claimed he didn’t have one.

Reacting swiftly, Anthony attempted to block both men’s hands, pushing them away. However, one of the attackers had already positioned his hand on the trigger.

“As I knocked their hands away, my head moved downward in line with the direction of the gun he was holding. It was only when I returned to the office that I realized I had been shot.”

After tending to his injuries, Anthony resumed fixing the pipe once the assailants had left the premises.

Since he initially felt no pain, he went back to the area and then noticed his phone, which had been on the ground, was missing.

Subsequently, Anthony sought medical treatment for his injuries at the Sir Lesterbird Medical Center and was later discharged.

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  1. Teacher For Life

    While I am grateful for this man’s survival, I am shocked and appalled at the number of gun related crimes happening here in Antigua. Where are these guns coming from and why are these crimi Al’s not being apprehended?


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