Some Gov’t workers are driving state vehicles illegally

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

The government says it is moving swiftly to ensure that public workers who are not entitled to drive state transports will no longer be allowed to do so.

According to reports, about 1170 vehicles are registered with the government and they are regularly provided maintenance and gasoline by the Transport Board.

But the government reported today that not all of these vehicles are driven by entitled public workers.

“It is a small country and people know each other. And so there are lots of favors granted using governmental resources. And we say that it can’t happen any longer because we just don’t have the resources to afford the insurance, the gasoline registration fees, and so on” Lionel Hurst said on Thursday, March 23, 2023

Hurst is the Chief of Staff in the Office of the prime minister and he said ending that practice could put some much-needed cash into the government purse.

“There could be real revenue which the government could receive if these were private or individuals driving their vehicles rather than driving government vehicles…The intention is to reduce that number significantly by asking those who are not entitled to return those vehicles,” Hurst said.

Hurst said an assessment will be conducted soon which will direct the government to the areas of reduction.


  1. Anonymous

    Great move! We certainly need to stamp out the excess.

  2. Mystic

    Curry FAVOR Flavor Flava over..
    Now we have REAL opposition
    Here is the FLUNKY Question.
    GASton just Katalyst de Program.
    Brown & Brown Situation.
    Deliberate attempts to Dismantle
    Legacy de Lobbyists LEFT..
    Government joggles for GDP purposes
    Established / Non Establishment
    Just Be All you CAN Be..
    Just Befriend Everybody..
    MORE de merrier More Cukture
    Flunky Don’t Worry
    Everybody Entitled to a DUTY FREE


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