Suspect detained in death threat against Bahamas Prime Minister

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

A 58-year-old man in the Bahamas has been arrested in the connection with death threats against the life of the prime minister last week.

Last Friday, Police Commissioner Clayton Fernander, told a news conference that the Prime Minister’s office had received two anonymous calls from someone who threatened to kill PM Phillip Davis. 

The man was detained on Wednesday and investigations are continuing.

“Both calls came in, one right after the other about 15 minutes apart, threatening to kill the nation’s leader…we, as Bahamians, it shouldn’t happen. When you’re talking about threatening the nation’s leader and we as Bahamians, how we got to this level in threatening individuals and you can go beyond the prime minister and individuals and we take this very seriously,” the Police Commissioner said. 

When the death threats were made, the prime minister dismissed the threat against his life.

“I’ve always carried on with my normal life but this Prime Minister is obviously threatened by the people. He brought out the entire police force almost. I mean, what is there to fear? What is there to fear? I do not condone violence; I do not support violence. I feel that prime ministers should be protected, all right. But I thought it was an overkill,” said Minnis said


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