Tajahna St. Jean wins OCS Teen Pageant

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

18-year-old Tajahna St Jean is this year’s Ottos Comprehensive Schools’ teen pageant, after capturing the crown on Saturday night at the Dean William Lake Cultural Centre.

Six young ladies participated in the event which was held under the theme: Oh Mama Africa. The young beauties each represented one of the more than 50 countries, researched, on the African continent.

The girls were judged in five categories namely, interview, Personality and Aspiration, African Research, Performing Talent, and Creative Wear.

“I am very excited that I won; I didn’t think that I would have won, but I did. I am very grateful, I want to thank Nigel James for putting all the time and effort he put in, to help me win this crown,” she said moments after the results

The six contestants and the African countries they represented are; Ms. Ghana – Teshanya Francis; Ms. South Africa – Melina Abreu Reyes; Ms. Zambia – Trinity John; Ms. Kenya – Shi-Anna Payne; Ms. Egypt – Tajahna St. Jean and Ms. Nigeria – Lillian Panthier.

The top three finalists were; Teshanya Francis, Lillian Panthier, and Tajahna St. Jean. The second runner-up prize went to Teshanya Francis, the first runner-up went to Lillian Panthier, and the winner was Tajahna St. Jean.

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  1. Anonymous

    OCS THE BEST!!! CONGRATS to all the participants. Kudos to the organizers, trainers and sponsors.


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