Teenagers imprisoned for one week after being found with weapons at YMCA

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As the state continues to crack down on violence among the youth, two young teenage boys, Jaheim Christopher of Golden Grove and Keniza Cochrane were ordered to spend a week in prison.

The boys were remanded by Chief Magistrate Joanne Walsh yesterday after appearing before the courts.

They were caught with weapons near the YMCA Complex where children congregate in large numbers after school.

Their stories did not convince the Chief Magistrate that the weapons found in their possession were not for malicious use.

She ruled that they would spend a week in court to get their stories straight before reappearing before her.

Cochrane, 19, told the court that he was going to cut his hair on Friday when he saw his 14-year-old cousin with a knife in his bag and took it from him, and Christopher, 19, said the cutlass taken from him by police was a tool used in his part-time job in landscaping.

She said she hoped that in the time they have to reflect before returning to court, they would both have more plausible stories to present to her.


  1. Tisha Cochrane

    I hope they tell the truth next time they go back to court…. All this needs to stop bcuz it’s not the worth cuz if anyone had gotten damage the families on all sides wou ld’ve lost… Lord please intervene….

  2. Mae

    I hope their time in prison don’t mess with them mentally and physically, and they use that time to reflect on their life and behavior in society. Else society will have a lot to deal with. Yes, they have done wrong and they should be punished. They should have gotten community service cleaning up YMCA and it surroundings areas. I guess these young men have never heard of the Chief Magistrate of Antigua and Barbuda Mrs. Joanne Walsh.
    Parents if you’re having problems with your teenagers especially boys and you can’t handle them please send them to join the cadet core. For fathers, please take responsibility of your teenager sons. A mother can only do so much for her son but he need his father guidance while going through his teens and early stages into adulthood.

  3. lkevi

    We finally have American society…I am not against punishment..however the US did this and it led to the disenfranchisement of a generation and subsequently continues to this day.. ANTIGUA N BARBUDA had a D.A.R.E program..where is it or better yet revise and expand upon for else ALL WE WILL ACHIEVE IS A REPLICA OF THE USA where POLICE have live target practice and BARNES N STAFFIES FUN E RAL HOMES BECOME ENRICHED


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