Tension in India as muslims kill hindu man, shares video on social media



Mandatory Credit: Photo by RAJAT GUPTA/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock (12897984n)An Indian security personnel speaks with locals after clashes broke out during a Hindu religious procession at Jahangipuri, in New Delhi, India, 17 April 2022. Clashes broke out between members of two communities after stones were allegedly thrown at a Hanuman Jayanti procession at Jahangirpuri in New Delhi on 16 April.
Clashes broke out between members of two communities in New Delhi, India – 17 Apr 2022


The unity between Muslims and Hindus in India has come under threat after two suspected Muslim terrorists murdered a Hindu man in the State of Rajasthan.


In a video released on social media, two men were seen attacking the victim before he was killed in the City of Udaipur. In another video, the men admitted to killing the young tailor and promised to do the same to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The man was accused of supporting Nupur Sharma, who made questionable remarks about Prophet Mohammed.

Earlier this month, 37 years old Nupur Sharma made provocative statements about the Islamic Prophet Mohammed. The remarks attracted criticism from Muslim countries, including Pakistan, Omar, and Qatar. Nupur Sharma, a Hindu, was the spokesperson of the Bharatiya Janata Party. She frequently represented the BJP on Indian Television to defend the Prime Minister and her party. Since she made derogatory remarks, there have been waves of protests by the Muslim minority in the country.

She was sacked earlier this month over the statement. While some applaud the step as the right one, others feel she was sacked because the Ruling party was afraid of the Muslim countries. Hindus dominate the ruling party.

After the murdered victim’s cremation, his son demanded justice for his father.

“Terrorists executed my father in the most shocking way. The country must stand with our family to demand justice,” the victim’s son, Yash, told Reuters.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Twitter said: “Both the accused of the murder of the youth in Udaipur have been arrested.”

The Chief Minister added that the matter would be speedily investigated and “the criminals will be severely punished in court.” He appealed “to all to maintain peace.”

The Ministry of Home Affairs added that “the involvement of any organization and international links will be thoroughly investigated.”

Possibly, the terrorists could have links to terrorist organizations in other Muslim countries.

Despite the government’s calls for peace, residents of Udaipur are almost sure of riots and crises between the Hindu and the Muslim communities. A former Police chief, Shesh Paul Vaid, said it may trigger serious communal riots.

“What has happened today in Udaipur may trigger serious communal riots,” said Shesh Paul. The government is aware of this and has banned large gatherings and protests.

“We are under strict orders to prevent any form of protests or demonstrations scheduled to condemn the murder,” Hawa Singh Ghumaria, a senior police officer said. He added that the crime had sent “shockwaves through the country.”

Officials have directed social media platforms to remove the content from the internet because of the sensitivity of the video. Contents that encourage, justify, or glorify the killing are also to be removed from the internet.

According to the Minister of Electronics, it was necessary to remove the contents “to prevent any incitement and disruption of public order and to restore public peace and harmony.”

The murder was condemned by all Indians, including Islami clerics. Maulana Ahmed, an Islamic Cleric in Udaipur, called the incident “un-Islamic.”

“The incident has shocked followers of Islam. The heinous act committed by two men is absolutely un-Islamic,” Ahmed said.

There are about 213.34 million Muslims in India, which make up about 15.4% of the total population. On the other hand, over 1.2 billion Indians are Hindus, making up almost 80% of the entire population.

Although there had been crises like this in the City in the past, it was the first time a person was murdered in this manner. Hopefully, the government will look past religion and do the right thing.