To keep fighting over a year is a miracle

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National Cylist Andre Simon has been hospitalized for over a year now

Today May 8th marks exactly one year since Andre’ Simon’s life changed for the worse.

The national cyclist, along with others were on a training ride when they were struck by a vehicle. Simon received the brunt of the injuries.

In an emotional message posted on social media, his brother Dwayne said his Andre has been in intense pain for one year.

“One year of not being able to speak or move, one year of not being able to walk, one year of not being able to hug his son…” he wrote

Andre’s medical challenges are significantly linked to the availability of financial resources according to his brother Dwayne, who also said that without money, it’s extremely difficult to get the ongoing care required.

“But, it’s important to highlight that we could not have even made it this far without your prayers, financial support, and encouragement. Someone asked me today if I believe that God can work a miracle. I responded that I have seen God work multiple miracles on his behalf,” he wrote on Facebook.

“To survive that crash is a miracle. To start breathing again after 6 minutes is a miracle. To have his lungs healed is a miracle. To keep fighting for over a year is a miracle,” Dwayne added.

Andre is now being treated for a bone infection at the TIRR Memorial Hospital in Texas and the new infection has hindered his already slow recovery process.

The Simon family said they would like to reiterate their gratitude to God and you for sticking with us through the year.

“We ask that you continue to give and support Andre”

Since the accident, there has been a nationwide effort to assist Andre’ Simon.


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