Top Tourism official denies sexual allegation by female employees

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

The top official within the Ministry of Tourism accused of sexual harassment has denied the allegations but that wasn’t enough to stop an investigation into the matter.

With sworn written statements by his accusers, it was hard to convince his superiors to call off the probe.

The man claimed that it was “pure nonsense” and the employees were simply upset that they couldn’t get their way with him.

The man, well known to the government is accused of groping a female employee and making strong sexual advances toward her and others.

The first investigation was held a few years ago when a lone female staffer wrote to her supervisor, claiming that she was being sexually harassed.

She said the man would touch her inappropriately and comment on the voluptuous appearance of her posterior.

An investigation was launched and found that the woman’s claim was credible.

No disciplinary action was taken against the official then.

However, a few days ago, other reports were made by other women in the department.

Our newsroom contacted Tourism Minister Charles Max Fernandez earlier this week for comments on the matter.

“This is an internal matter and will be dealt with as such. I have no other comments to make to the media”, he said

The investigation could lead to disciplinary action against the said offender.

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  1. audley phillip

    It is highly unlikely that someone would willingly admit to their sexual indiscretion. It’s bad enough when one female accuses someone of sexual impropriety, it is horrible when the chain of people making the accusations gets longer. Irrespective of who this person is and their rank in society, they must be quickly removed from this environment. Women deserve to feel safe, secured and protected within the workplace and these “rams” need to be call out and impounded.


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