Tourism Ministry responds to cease and desist letter from Angela Bassetts lawyers

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Angela Bassett

Actress and producer Angela Bassett has had a long friendship and history with Antigua and Barbuda. Recently, she took the opportunity to visit and share her appreciation and love for the destination with residents and officials alike.

Angela Bassett states, “I have a long-standing relationship with Antigua and Barbuda, and I recently had an opportunity to visit. I loved spending time with the wonderful people and experiencing the local culture. I was honored by the offer to bestow upon me the title of Tourism Ambassador and have agreed to have discussions with the Government about what this would entail. Because I do not take this opportunity or role lightly, I want to make sure my team and I fully understand what the Tourism

Ambassador scope and activities will mean. We look forward to continuing the conversation.”

Ms. Bassett would be the ideal choice to represent Antigua and Barbuda to help promote the destination to visitors around the world. However, formal discussions have not taken place with Ms. Bassett and her team about what this would specifically entail. The first step is ensuring approval from the Cabinet, where the suggestion for naming Ms.

Bassett a Tourism Ambassador was passed. As the next step, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda will continue discussions with Ms. Bassett and her team about what this designation will mean, ensuring that all proper procedures are followed.

As a headlining star with a busy schedule, Ms. Bassett has honoured us with her presence. We trust that we will be able to formalize our relationship within the coming year.


  1. Anonymous

    Hope things are worked out properly this time

  2. Only me


    • FrankS

      She dun ah cause embarrassment for the government. Drop she and select ASHANI instead

  3. Smh

    So if it wasn’t formalised, why on earth would you publish the lady on your web site etc? And what kind of lime excuse is this? This statement further confirms how incompetent people we have running this country!

    • Arneta Forde

      In what way can this woman represent Antigua? What does she know about Antigua, and how will Antigua benefit from her being an Ambassador?


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