Two NRP candidates challenge results of 2022 Nevis Election

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff


Two candidates have filed petitions in Nevis, challenging the results of the recent general elections. The two individuals, Jaedee Caines and Dr. Partrick Bartlette from the Nevis Reformation Party were defeated in the December 12, 2022, Nevis Island Assembly Election.

Caines the candidate for Nevis One (St Paul) who garnered 604 votes filed her petition in court yesterday.

“I just want to say thanks to everyone who partnered to make this possible. I also want to thank everyone who encouraged me to move this matter forward. I have always felt that the December 12, 2022 elections were not fair across the board, and based on a number of factors, we are here today. I won’t comment on the specifics of the petition but I thought it necessary to let the people of Nevis – the people of St. Paul – know that their change agent is standing up for what is right,” she said in a statement.

And last week Dr. Bartlette filed her election petition for the Nevis 2 (St John) seat. She was defeated by Premier Mark Brantley, who received 1,313   votes.

“I would like to thank the 1,165 voters of the St. John’s Constituency who voted for and with me for change in the December 12, 2022 Nevis Island Assembly Elections. However, due to numerous irregularities and illegalities surrounding the conduct of the said poll, I moved on Friday, January 6th, 2023 to sign a petition which was filed with the court challenging the results of the election,” Bartlette said.

Adding “I stand on principle demanding free and fair elections for our people and it is my view that we should never allow the institutions safeguarding our democracy to be manipulated. I welcome and appreciate the encouragement and confidence expressed by the many supporters who are demanding – and rightly so – for a more just society. And I would just like to assure everyone that I am committed to working for and with my people for a better Nevis.”


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