UK tourists robbed at gun point at Deep Bay

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Police are looking for two men who robbed two tourists at gunpoint yesterday.

The tourists both from the UK reported to the police that they were sitting in their car outside Deep Bay when a black Motor Van registration number unknown, pulled up in front of them and two men exited the vehicle.

The men were described as slim in build, dark in completion about 5fth 6” tall. They were not wearing any masks.

One of the men had a shiny handgun in his hand, he then ordered the tourists out of the vehicle pointed the gun at them, and demanded money.

The gunmen then robbed the tourists a black bag containing $100USD, $200ECD, ID cards, one light green Samsung Cell Phone valued at $300,00USD and an I-pod valued at 800,00 pounds which were in the vehicle. One of the robbers left the scene in the victims’ vehicle.

Several persons were interviewed but no useful information was obtained.

Police said a search was carried out for the Vehicle and missing items. They also carried out a search for anyone fitting that discription. No one was found.

Investigations are continuing.


  1. JT

    Antigua haven’t learn from the UK couple that was killed years ago.

  2. Chubby

    Police can never find anything but law abiding citizens to harass???

  3. Mae

    The police need to go to the phone companies on the island to track the phone. Most cell phones have a tracker to help track phones once stolen. Ask the tourist if the tracker features is on, on their phones are activated.

  4. Teacher for life

    Next time use periods instead of commas when referencing money.


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