UPP presents opportunities for Investment as Diaspora Roadshow continues



The Opposition United Progressive Party has presented its plans and programs to Antiguans and Barbudans living in the Diaspora.

UPP delegation led by Political Leader Harold Lovell and Deputy Political Leader Jamale Pringle presented their plans and programs at an invitation-only investment reception in Atlanta, Georgia.

As part of the United Progressive Party’s (UPP) Diaspora Connect Roadshow, theevent was designed to engage reputable investors to discuss economic diversification as the Party fine-tunes its economic recovery plan.

According to a press statement from the party, the UPP outlined its vision and goals to create jobs and economic growth through strategic investment and business-friendly policies that will position Antigua and Barbuda at the forefront of innovation and development.

The presentation also highlighted the main reasons why investors should choose Antigua and Barbuda and the UPP’s vision for how the investment process will be simplified and managed by the Antigua and Barbuda Investment Authority,thestatement said.

Among the UPP’s major investment goals are the diversification of economic sectors, establishment of extensive trade links and the uplifting of people and the economy through lucrative small business and entrepreneurship opportunities.

The event attracted over 40 principals and senior executives of various organizations. There was keen interest in Antigua and Barbuda’s strong capacity for trade and investment in the areas of tourism, air transportation, manufacturing, agriculture and international banking.

Describing the reception as highly successful, UPP’s Political Leader, Harold Lovell emphasized that job creation and economic diversification were the highest priority issues on the agenda.

“While we are proud of our tourism industry and the potential of our product, we recognize that the world is changing and we must also develop other key sectors.  We highlighted Antigua and Barbuda’s key assets as an ideal business location, a premier tourism destination, central geographic location, trained work force, and stable currency.”

The reception provided an opportunity for effective networking to discuss coalition-building opportunities that will advance economic diversification. There was significant interest in learning more about how local assets and ideas can be transformed into economic opportunities.

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  1. Anonymous

    Now these ideas and what’s to come in the future is exciting. We are looking forward to the Lovell Administration.


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