UPP senators officially sworn in

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Jamal Pringle, the Parliamentary Representative for All Saint East and St Luke has been officially sworn in as Leader of the Opposition United Progressive Party.

Pringle replaces longtime leader Harold Lovel who retired from the post after a defeat at the polls during the recently held general elections. Lovell lost by a mere six votes.

Four senators were also sworn in this morning as well, including General Secretary of the Antigua and Barbuda Workers Union David Massiah and Shawn Nicholas who was sworn in as Minority Leader in the Senate.

Newcomers Alex Browne and Johnathon Joseph were also appointed senators.

The UPP won six seats in the last elections.

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  1. Antiguan woman

    The upp members are always taughful forthright and proactive ….. there is a reason y those seniors were appointed and we should just give them a chance… if you are ready to jump ship already then u proberbly done drink the kool-aid I am sure u could have called Pringle but u chose to write a page and a half long document….let us support each other it’s the same country we rooting and tooting for…


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