VIDEO: Acting PM comforts the family of Slain Syrian

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In a heartfelt speech last night, Acting Prime Minister Steadroy Benjamin expressed condolences to the family and friends of Roudi Shmaly , a Syrian national who was killed on Monday.

Benjamin, who was accompanied by Education Minister Daryl Mathew and Tourism Minister Charles Fernandez told those assembled at the last night’s meeting that they should cherish the memories shared with Shmaly

They met at the at the Syrian Club on Blue Waters Road

The 25-year-old was killed from a gunshot wound to his head when a young man robbed the Pick ‘N Mix Mart on DeSouza Road where he worked

The incident happened shortly after 1 pm. The gunman fled the scene with an undetermined sum of money from the cashier in the mart. 

Shmaly came to Antigua from Syria during the Covid-19 pandemic and was working towards his wedding. His fiancé lives in Syria.


  1. Man on the sea

    So many blacks get murdered around here and I never hear any parliamentary representative going to comfort there family, it looks like the syrians are more important around here !

    • Mae

      And the same black people are the ones voting for them, and running behind them. Do you ever see those Syrians at political meetings? Black people will always be dogs to the politicians.

      • Man on the sea

        Agree with you 100% , the lady got raped on friars hill road and I don’t hear any politicians gone to comfort her or her family, but a Syrian got gun down and it’s a big deal , not saying that they should play a blind eye to it but everyone should be treated equally

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