VIDEO: Director of Education unharmed following major smash-up last night

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Vehicle belonging to Clare Browne extensively damaged during accident lastnight

The country’s Director of Education Clare Browne had a ‘close one’ last night after a speeding SUV smashed into his vehicle near the old Transport Board.

Browne, was in the company of his 14-year-old son when the accident happened.

“I saw this vehicle coming my way and remember praying that the vehicle did not hit us. I did not have time to think a lot. The impact was so great it inflated the airbags. I just held on to my steering wheel,” Browne told reporters.

Browne complained of having minor pains in the arm. The accident also had a psychological impact on his teenage boy.

“I am really more concerned about those in the other vehicle. I saw blood oozing from the head of the driver who was accompanied by his wife and stepdaughter. They were transported to the hospital,” Browne added.

Both vehicles were extensively damaged. Police are investigating the matter


  1. Wakili

    Must have been one of the school children he used to beat looking for revenge!

    • Former AGS student

      Thumpers mother jumps in: “Thumper what did your father tell you?”

      “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say nothing at all”


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