Walker says BPM will retain all seats in upcoming Council elections

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Parliamentary Representative for Barbuda Trevor Walker

Parliamentary Representative for Barbuda Trevor Walker is confident that the Barbuda People’s Movement (BPM) will retain all eleven seats on the council when elections are held in March.

He told Antigua.news that based on the results of the recent general elections, the BMP will have similar results.

“There are eleven seats on the Council and the BPM has all and four seats will be vacant in March. My prediction is we will retain these four seats and maintain our eleven seats on the council. We may have one or two fresh faces but we will know who the candidates are by the end of next week,” he said.

Walker said the land issue remains top on the minds of residents, ahead of upcoming elections

“The issues, most of them remain the same. We are still very concerned about the land situation and what the government policy would be. The people of Barbuda are not comfortable with the Labour Party administration,” he said.


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