WATCH: Mother of missing teen wants police to lock up his friends

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Kevin Millett

Chenezza Toulon, the mother of Kevin Millette Jr who has been missing since last week Thursday believes that his friends could have information about his whereabouts.

The vehicle that Millette rented was found burnt around in the area of the Port Works Dam the day after he was reported missing.

His mother told State TV that police should lock up anyone connected to him to seek answers

Cheneeza has been searching for her son in various communities, the last being Yepton’s.

She is calling on the police to help with the search


  1. Anonymous

    LORD I feel her pain, bring some relief to her Father in Jesus Holy Name I ask. Shalom

  2. June

    I feel her pain.

  3. Anonymous


  4. AAB

    Mr. Editor,
    Please tell me ……… Does the Royal Antigua/Barbuda Police Force (?Service) need to WAIT for the Mother of the Missing Young Man (for a week now) to tell them Exactly What their Responsibility entails? Does she have to beg The A/B Police Force (?Service) to carry out a Search in the Area where Family members themselves found evidence of the car being driven by her Son on the Night he disappeared?

    A Mother’s Intuition is Not To Be taken for Granted!! After all she is the CLOSEST human being to her Son!!

    My Prayer is that the “Powers That Be“ will Listen to What This Mother Is Saying; Put the Necessary Resources out to Investigate/Search the areas indicated by This Mother in Her Efforts to find her Son Whom She Is CONVINCED Is Still ALIVE!

    Some of Us Believe that God permits Evil when A GREATER Good will Result as a Consequence of THIS Evil taking Place.

    I would like to Assure Chennezza Toulon that Our Prayers are CONTINUALLY being Offered for the Return of her Son (Kevin) to His Loving Family Members! God is Good! God is Merciful. Keep FAITH!!! Peace! 🌻😇


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