WATCH: Serpent’s brother endorses Dean Jonas instead

Editorial Staff



Mike Watts, the brother of the United Progressive Party’s candidate for St George is not supporting his sibling.

Instead has thrown his support behind the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party’s candidate Dean Jonas.

Watts said at a rally in potters tonight that he wasn’t paid to supply Jonas.

He said he only supports men of integrity.


  1. Anonymous

    So you buy a plane ticket to come and bash your brother? Nah man. Something goes deeper than that.

    • I love ❤️ my country

      Seepant is not the first nor will he be the last who has a jealous sibling. What Mike you don’t want to see your brother advance better in life than you? To become a Minister, something you will never accumplish in your life time. Shame on you!! You no lib ya nothing you say count ya. Who feels it knows it. Goooo back to the hole you crawl out of.

  2. Anonymous

    Wow! This speaks volumes!
    Persons have democratic right to support/vote for whoever they choose. Kudos to you Mike.

  3. Integrity Honesty Transparency Decency

    Transparency !

    Take note of the above. That is what the man is voting for. He is clearly saying that his brother does NOT reflect these qualities.
    What a thing!!!
    I had my questions but this has certainly helped to confirm my decision come election day

  4. Anonymous

    Some people simply stand on principle. We would not know the reason for his attestation but he who feels it, knows it. That’s their family dynamics but I would listen to him. He was clear and concise. The facial resemblance is certainly uncanny. I’m sure there’s no love lost between them.

  5. Big 6

    What does Mikey know of Jonus? It is obvious that he is getting something for his mouth. Caine killed Abel don’t forget this is no different


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