WATCH: Tourist lost part of his leg during sea accident

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A tourist is in critical condition in Sint Maarten after he was involved in an accident on the sea

The man who was on a cruise ship lost part of his leg near Bobby’s Marina

According to the police, the man jumped into the sea and swam towards a water taxi anchored on one of the piers.

Reports are that he tried to “climb onto the back of the water taxi and got his foot caught in the propeller, resulting in the loss of part of his right leg”. 

He is said to be in a critical condition


  1. Anonymous

    You should have censored this video or put a trigger warning on it.

    Thinking of and praying for this young man. He lost an awful lot of blood. It’s a shame the young man who tried to help him was so traumatized and dropped him. Every second counts in a fire situation like this. He was left bleeding profusely and trying to stand up on a foot that wasn’t there anymore. I hope someone applied compression to the wound immediately.

    Saying prayers for not just the victim, but all those around him as well. This was a horrifying event to witness and it will likely stay with many for a very long time.

    • Anonymous

      *dire situation

    • Keren

      Unbelievable to see the guy dropped him but even after helping him up the man was so focused on telling everyone what’s happening rather than helping the man fully smh ..

      I pray this young man heals soon and returns home to his family…


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