What really happened in Cassada Gardens? We have the latest

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Jose Rodriquez a Caucasian man from Pares Village remains in police custody, assisting them with investigations into a shooting in Cassada Gardens last night.

Rodriquez was picked up by police today on the Clare Hall Playing Field in the vicinity of the Pan House.

According to reports, the suspect handed over a black and silver 9mm firearm wrapped in a multi-color towel.

He also had what appeared to be two gunshot wounds one to the right leg and the other to the left hip and was transported to the hospital by police.

What happened?

Reports from the police indicate that Anderson John of Skerritts Pasture who is a licensed firearm holder was lying in bed with a woman (the mother of a two-year-old) from Cassada Gardens when he heard a commotion and screaming coming from the sitting room area.

John reported that he reached for his firearm under the pillow, but was attacked by Rodriques the father of the 2-year-old who began wrestling with him for the firearm.

During the struggle, the gun went off. John also stated that he was beaten on the left side of his face with the gun butt and received several bite marks about his body and the child was wounded. 

The mother and child were transported to the SLBMC by a neighbor. The child has 2 wounds to the right foot but reports are that they are non-life threatening.

The incident occurred at around 10:30 pm according to police reports.


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