Woman charged after smashing man’s house

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

27-year-old Rosemary Rayes of Ottos has been charged with malicious damage, after she went hysterical on the night of March 20, destroying thousands of dollars worth of items at the home of Selwood Rene of Vernon’s

Rayes allegedly smashed a bedroom door, a Digicel Wi-Fi box, an Amazon Firestick, a television set, a speaker, bottles of rum, kitchen tiles, an electric kettle, a rug, glassware, and other times said to be worth about $15,200.

She was granted bail in the sum of $20,000 and was ordered to pay $5,000 cash to satisfy the bond. Part of her bail condition is that she report to the police station three days a week, and surrender her travel documents.

The defendant has to return to the All-Saints Magistrate’s Court on April 25 for her committal hearing.


What happened?

According to reports, Rene called the Parham Police Station asking that they come to his assistance because someone was in his house “breaking his things”

Police reported that when they arrived at his home, they realized broken glasses and other fixtures and electrical appliances on the living room floor.

Police said they also heard someone crying and when they approached the bedroom, they met Rosemary Rayes.

She was crying outside the door which had a hole, large enough that her hands could go through it.

The investigator said he observed Rene’, the man who made the report holding unto the woman’s hands as she cried.

Rayes, according to the police arrived at Rene’s home at 12:15 a.m. and was banging on the door and other parts of the house to get inside.

As he opened the door according to reports, the woman forced herself inside and a scuffle ensued.

He then went and locked himself in his room and according to reports, the Rayes then began breaking items, taking a block, and smashing a hole in the door.

The woman was then removed from the house by police.


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