Young Cadets represent Antigua & Barbuda in the UK

Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Two members of the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force’s Cadent Program are currently engaged in an exchange initiative in the UK with the Cumbria Army Cadet Force.

Cadet Corporal Daena Bird and Cadet Lance Corporal Dante Browne will remain in England for 10 days where they will meet and train with Cumbrian Army Cadets

As part of the exchange, the Antiguans and Barbudans will visit several historic sites including Edinburg Castle. They will also hold talks with the High Commissioner of Antigua and Barbuda in the UK Karen Mae-Hill.

Regimental Sergeant Major (WO2) Vaughn Charles has accompanied the Cadets

The parents of both cadets have expressed elation that their children were afforded the chance to represent Antigua and Barbuda.

“We’re truly happy and appreciative of the opportunity that was offered to our son Dante Browne.  We know he is very passionate about his role in the Cadets and will do his best to represent the ABCC (Antigua and Barbuda Cadet Corps) and Antigua and Barbuda by extension,” Dante’s mom, Elizabeth Browne said.

Meanwhile, Daena’s parents Lieutenant A Bird and Mrs. Bird said, “It is a great opportunity for the children to interact internationally and exchange knowledge that would enhance their appreciation and abilities. It would also allow them to contribute to the cadet corps of their country when they return.”

October 2022 signaled the start of the relationship and collaboration between the ABDF and the Cumbrian youth.

Commandant Cumbria Army Cadet Force, Colonel Guy Harnby said “We share mutual values and standards between international cadet forces and provide cultural and educational opportunities to children, which are potentially life-changing. That is why important to promote such amazing chances with both hands for future Antiguan and Barbudan and Cumbrian children,”

Resident British Commissioner to Antigua and Barbuda, hosted an afternoon tea at the Commission to bid them farewell.

The cadets and their chaperone departed Antigua and Barbuda on Sunday and will return to the twin-island state on Thursday 13 April 2023.


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