II World War Veteran laid to rest

On Friday, Antigua and Barbuda’s last known man to have served in the Second World War was finally laid to rest. Morrison Appleton died on August 19th. Appleton’s funeral will take place tomorrow at Ebenezer Methodist Church.  He was 95 and was one of the man people from the region to volunteer for the 1939-1945 conflict.

According to reports, Appleton never went into battle but took part in general army duties across the region.

Family members told the media that some of his qualities included his “meticulous punctuality” and one who was easy to get along with. He was also described as a peaceful man who prefer to run away from conflicts.

After leaving the military, Appleton later worked as a security guard. His last position was at the Mill Reef Club – one he held until his 80s.

Appleton was buried in the cemetery in his home village of Bethesda.


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