Calls for urgent recalculation of how teachers are cared for.

Despite the current hiccups between the Ministry of Education and some educators here, the Director of Education Clare Browne wants teachers to know that they make an unparalleled contribution to the lives of the students they teach. And they do this by dint of hard work and great sacrifice.

Today is World Teachers Day under the theme “the transformation of education begins with teachers”, one that Browne said acknowledges that there is a global call for the transformation of education but, more significantly, it suggests that teachers are not just an integral part of the transformation of education, they are the nuclei and agents of the radical changes which are currently critical.

“Today, we pause to consider the energetic creativity, phenomenal commitment, positive inspiration, and strategic innovation which teachers deliver day in and day out, school year after school year. We are humbled by the sum of your service. Thank you for all that you do and will do in the future,” Browne said.

The declaration that the transformation of education begins with teachers is a reminder that teachers have to alter their practices to meet the increasingly complex needs of students, according to the Director, who himself was a former educator.

“ While you hold on to core principles of professionalism, you must, by necessity, be ready to embrace new technologies, step boldly into new pedagogy, and design lessons that empower students to take advantage of the revolutionary opportunities they will encounter. Yours is a mammoth task, and it could be daunting, but you are perfectly capable of meeting the challenge. I urge you to be encouraged,” he said.

The theme for this year’s Teachers Day, according to Browne is also a charge to ministries of education and governments everywhere.

“Our government must recognize that the demands that are placed on teachers must be supported by greater investments in teachers. We need an urgent recalculation of how teachers are cared for. The remuneration they receive, the resources they are provided with and the physical environment in which they work have to motivate them to be agents of change,” he said,

And…so, while the time is set aside to celebrate teachers today, “we must also dwell on our responsibility to this exclusively influential group of people in society. We must take actions that spur teachers on and keep them lighting the fires of progress we need in Antigua and Barbuda. I wish to reiterate the crucial role teachers are required to play as we take transformative action in education. Teachers, you are invaluable. Thank you. May God continue to strengthen you and bless your efforts,” Browne said. would like to wish all teachers in Antigua and Barbuda Happy Teachers Day!


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