Bus driver found guilty of engaging in oral sex with a minor

After about a week on trial, 52-year-old Leroy Campbell has been found guilty of two counts of serious indecency and one count of indecent assault, for engaging in oral sex and kissing a 15-year-old girl.

At the time of the incident on December 6, Campbell then 49, informed the minor who had boarded his bus at East Bust station that he had to make a stop in Cassada gardens to collect a letter.

Being familiar with him she did not object and on the journey, he revealed to her that he had feelings for her and asked if they could be friends, before requesting that they seal their friendship with a kiss.

She then proceeded to kiss the palm of his hand and stroke his cheeks, but he informed her that this would not suffice and then took her to the back of the bus where he forced her to tongue-kiss him while he fondled her.

Campbell asked the victim wherever she had ever engaged in oral or vaginal sex to which she responded no, making it clear that she had no desire to either.

Despite her objection, he forced her to remove her clothing and pressured her to perform oral sex on him, and in return, he did the same to her.

When the act was completed, he drove the victim to a store, bought her a soda, and then drove back to the bus terminal and picked up more passengers before he dropped her home.

Upon reaching home the child relayed the incident to her mother who then reported the matter to the police.

During the trial prosecution, witnesses testified to seeing the girl as the lone passenger on the bus while another testified that the driver left and returned to the terminal about an hour and a half later.

Video surveillance also collaborated the child’s testimony that he stopped to purchase a drink.

Campbell in his defense denied that he went to Cassada Gardens on the afternoon in question and claimed that he had seen the minor kissing a boy and threatened to report the matter to her mother.

He accused her of fabricating the story against him.

His attorney Wendel Robinson called a teacher to the stand who gave evidence that she had seen the child on the bus engaging in oral sex with a boy.

The following evidence from state and prosecution witnesses, the jury after deliberation returns a guilty verdict.

Campbell will return to court on November 11 for his sentencing.


  1. Krislexus

    Nastinessss. damn wicked. I have no pity or mercy on people who violate children


    Just sad. hope he gets what he deserves.


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