Shortage of X-Mas supplies in Barbados


Oct 20, 2022

Managing Director of Woolworth Martin Bryan has put Bajans on notice that Christmas decor will be in short supply this year.

This is attributed to the ongoing global crisis which has resulted in disruptions to the supply chain and exorbitant cost increases.

Bryan says that while some supplies like curtains and toys will be largely available, the same cannot be said for decor.

“I think Christmas decor on a whole is going to be short. Christmas decorations, lights – a lot of the items you either cannot get or the price is too expensive to bring. We have been looking into some Christmas stuff and, honestly, the prices are astronomical so I think you’re going to get a shortage of Christmas-themed decor,” Bryan stated.

He added that “in some cases, [the prices] of the stuff we are looking at have gone up double and triple so we’ve had to make decisions to not bring certain things.”

Meanwhile, a woman who supplies real Christmas trees says she is not sure whether she will be able to supply them to customers this year since she continues to encounter challenges.

“Since last month, I’ve reached out to my suppliers but they are having some serious challenges. I’ve even tried reaching out to other suppliers but there is no guarantee I will be able to get them in time. In any event, I will be ordering significantly less as the prices have skyrocketed so it will only be for persons who place an order,” she said.

The ongoing war in Ukraine is being blamed for logistical issues.

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  1. Davidson

    I would like to think people save their lights and decorations from the years before.


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