Gov’t to bury five unclaimed dead bodies


Oct 21, 2022

The government said it will go ahead and bury five dead human bodies that have remained unclaimed.

Chief of Staff in the Prime Minister’s Office Lionel Max Hurst said the cadavers have been transferred to funeral homes, after a “mishap” at the morgue.

“There was some problem with the refrigerator. The technicians came in and told us it was fixed. We relied on their word and it turned out that it didn’t get as cold as it should have and as a consequence, there was some disruption in the way the morgue normally functioned,” Hurst said.

As a result, Hurst explained that several of the bodies have been taken to funeral homes.

“Five of them have not been claimed by persons so the government will move ahead with burIal”, he said.

The others according to Hurst are in the funeral home until such time the refrigeration in the morgue is fixed.


  1. Mackyme

    So people are dying and nobody turning around to claim them? Thats a sad story for a small ccountry like Antigua where everybody knows everybody!!!

  2. De unknown

    I guess these people were of no benefit to their families. God is their father

    • Pinacolada

      The funny thing is that the dead is conscious of nothing at all….so they don’t know no one came to claim them…still very sad tho

      • Anonymous

        Pinacolada, are you one of Jehovah’s Witnesses?

  3. Anonymous

    I know some people who live on the streets and their families drive past them without even handing them a drink. much less now they are dead!!! Such a sad state of affairs

    • Roses

      I’m not but dead is dead.


    Sad indeed

    • Fanfab

      Besides I think people spend too much money on the dead and less on the living. You spend 30k to bury someone. Yet you never gave them a cup of water in the streets.


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