Kick out Breast Cancer activity major success

The staff of the Central Board of Health has been observing Breast Cancer Month using many creative ways to raise awareness of early screening and healthy lifestyles.

Its most recent activity according to Julienne Mannix, Senior Health Inspector at the CBH includes childhood days activities and a ‘kick the ball’ initiative.

“We went through the city of St Johns and we kicked the football, passing the ball to each other, from our starting point at Vector Control Unit on Lower All Saints Road, we went to Michael’s Avenue unto Independence Avenue, then to Church Street then Cross Street, High Street, Corn Alley then back to the office,” she said.

The idea according to Mannix is to promote the importance of being active in the fight against breast cancer.

“The idea is to be active. We did that by passing the ball to each other symbolizing that we are going to kick off breast cancer. Physical activity is very important it does wonders for the body but we will like to advise women to follow instructions given by nurses and doctors. It is very important to detect early abnormalities,” she said.

Other activities include playing childhood games like hopscotch, I Declare, and wearing pink to observe Breast Cancer month.


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