UPP Business Pull-up merge with Farmers Market in St Paul

Farmers in St Paul are expected to benefit from the UPP’s weekly UPP’s Business Pull Up, which will be merged with the monthly Farmers Market today Thursday.

Dr. Cleon Athill, the Candidate for St. Paul is excited to welcome the initiative to her community from 6 am – 6 pm.

According to Arthill, this special production is on the community calendar as part of Antigua and Barbuda’s Independence celebrations.

“We believe that by combining these two community-based events, we can highlight the important role that small businesses play in driving the economy while promoting the culture, connections, and pride in the community.  Our vendors will also benefit from new patrons and additional exposure,” said Dr. Athill.

Since late August, the ‘Small Biz Pull-Up’ has provided ongoing support to small businesses throughout various communities. 

Dr. Athill, a well-known community organizer, will conduct a “walkthrough” of the Farmer’s Market with the UPP Political Leader and representatives from the Party’s Executive, between 2 pm and 4 pm. 

Leader of the UPP Harold Lovell says his party is proud to support small businesses and it looks forward to experiencing the unique hospitality that the St. Paul’s community has to offer.

“As we celebrate our Independence, let us focus on strengthening our small businesses. They symbolize hope and strength in the community but unfortunately, many are struggling in a difficult economy. I know that the vendors will welcome the additional sales and exposure that will come out of this joint initiative,” he said

Lovell also endorsed the pairing of ‘Our St Paul’s Community Farmer’s Market” and the ‘Small Business Pull-up,’ as an ideal opportunity to share the UPP’s Small Business Agenda for Development and Growth, with patrons and owners of small establishments. More than 30 community small businesses will be represented at this event.


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