St. Phillip’s North is Next on the UPP ‘Small Business Pull-Up’ Tour


Nov 15, 2022

The next installment of the UPP’s ‘Small Business Pull-Up’ tour will be staged on Saturday November 19th, when a team of UPP supporters will traverse St. Phillip’s North to support small businesses in the community.

The UPP’s caravan will leave St. Stephen’s Anglican Church at 1:30 pm and will patronize a diverse array of small enterprises in Seatons, Glanvilles, Wilikies and Newfield. The team will share the UPP’s Small Business Agenda for Development and Growth with vendors and patrons. 

Alex Browne, UPP Candidate for St. Phillip’s North, believes that small businesses offer a special touch by catering to the unique needs of those in the community. “Expect to be greeted with the warm hospitality that is synonymous with our small business owners in the East. It is these positive experiences that create a win-win for everyone in the community that keep customers coming back,” said Browne.

Since late August, the UPP ‘Small Biz Pull-Up’ has been highlighting and empowering small businesses throughout the pandemic-recovery. Many vendors have expressed gratitude for the additional sales and exposure that this initiative has generated in support of their business. 


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