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Editorial Staff

EU to pump one million Euros into Haiti’s cholera fight

Efforts to manage and contain the cholera outbreak in Haiti will be made easier for health officials following a financial injection of one million Euros from the European Union (EU)

The Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations Department of the EU mobilized the funds to support actions that will be implemented by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

Approximately 48,000 people will benefit from this emergency response through access to timely and adequate life-saving treatment and protecting vulnerable people from cholera infection.

With the financial support PAHO will purchase essential inputs to improve treatment delivery and cholera detection capabilities, to include rapid tests, reagents, and equipment for the collection of samples and laboratory diagnosis.

It will also fund telecommunications and data processing teams to support field epidemiologists, community health representatives and mobile clinic nurses.

Education on prevention and how to control the spread of the disease and protect the most vulnerable people; a large number of which are children below the age of five, will also be another area which will receive funding.

This latest cholera outbreak is occurring amid mounting insecurity and an economic crisis in the French Caribbean country.

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  1. Davidson

    Thank God some help is coming


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