Police force congratulates queen Keriann Thomas

A buzz of excitement and pride is emanating among the members of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda as they pour out words of congratulation to their own Queen Keriann Thomas for winning the Miss OECS 2022 Pageant.

The young Police Constable, who recently joined the rank and file of the Police Force, stunned her audience with sheer elegance, creativity, and beauty, as she walked away with the titles of Best in Creative National Wear, Best Creative National Wear, Best Swim Wear, Best in Swim Wear, Best Evening Gown and Best in Evening Gown.

Waking up to the news, several officers went on various social media platforms to express elation and satisfaction over Keriann’s performance.

Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney congratulated the newly crowned OECS Queen for her commitment, dedication, and willingness to participate in such a high-level regional competition and for making the Royal Police Force and the nation of Antigua and Barbuda proud.

He said, “This has once again demonstrated the various skill sets within our Police Force. We have the capability of keeping the peace by enforcing the laws of the land and still promoting the cultural aspect of our society.  We are indeed a talented organization dedicated to contributing to various aspects of our national development. “

Other senior executive officers also echoed similar sentiments and offer their congratulations.

Miss Keriann Thomas was the winner of the 2022 Police Week Queen’s Pageant held in September at the Antigua Recreation Grounds.

She was accompanied by her chaperone and other members of the Police Week Queen’s Committee.  The pageant was held in Dominica at the Old Mill Cultural Center on Saturday night.



    As Minister of Public Safety with responsibility for the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda and as the Parliamentary Representative of the new OECS Queen, on behalf of the people of this nation, the constituents of St. John’s City South and on my own behalf, I extend warmest congratulations to this outstanding young Antiguan Woman for an exceptional and professional performance at the Pageant.

    We are all very proud of you.

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    Congratulations !!!!


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