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Editorial Staff

The St. John’s Catholic Early Childhood Centre Wins Climate Change Awareness Competition

The St. John’s Catholic Early Childhood Centre received a brand-new Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) on October 6th as part of the awards ceremony for the Department of Environment’s Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) Project’s 2022 Climate Change Awareness Competition.

The school was one of seven preschools awarded with technologies that would help them to become more resilient to climate change events such as drought. The Atmospheric Water Generator is a device that extracts water from the outside air, producing drinking water and eliminating the need to purchase bottled water. 

The campaign was focused on raising awareness of the Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) Project, as well as other climate change-related documents such as the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and the National Gender Assessment Survey 2021.

As part of the campaign, a survey was launched on climate change, with respondents choosing a preschool to be awarded a climate-smart technology.

Other winners include Beacon Light Nazarene Academy Preschool – Water Tank, Greenbay Preschool – Atmospheric Water Generator, Simon Bolivar Preschool – Solar AC Unit, Sir Luther Wynter Preschool – LED Lights, Deanery Lane Daycare/Preschool – Water Tank and Eleven Hour Sunshine Daycare and Preschool – Atmospheric Water Generator.


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