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Dominica’s PM under pressure after calling snap elections

The Alternative People’s Party in Dominica says the decision by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit to call snap elections must be seen as an abuse of his constitutional power and an attack on the core of the country’s democracy which will have far-reaching implications for future generations.

Dominicans will go to the polls on December 6th, over two years before elections are constitutionally due

The announcement came as a surprise to all Dominicans including the majority of his party supporters.

“There can be no justification or reasoning for calling such elections in the national interest, but clearly to advance his personal and selfish political agenda.

This decision by the Prime Minister to call elections almost 3 years before they are constitutionally due against the following background dismisses any arguments he may wish to advance to justify his rather unfortunate and disrespectful decision to impose participation in an election on the people in a system that he knows is flawed,‘” the APP said in a statement Saturday.

The newly formed party says it is disturbing and disheartening that one man, indeed one man, is allowed to stand taller than the constitution of this country and is allowed to insult and disrespect the people of Dominica including a large number of his unsuspecting supporters with impunity.

“Not-withstanding his unprincipled and immoral decision to impose unnecessary and costly General Elections on the backs of many a suffering Dominican, his action is permitted under law. Since violence and disorder is not a wise option to force the President to advise the Prime Minister to revoke his Election order, it would be prudent for the opposition and patriotic Dominicans who can offer themselves to the electorate in this General election,” the party said.

Furthermore, they said although there is little or no confidence in the fairness and transparency of the present electoral system, it would be foolhardy to allow the Dominica Labour Party, all 21 parliamentary seats with total loss of constitutional representation by the opposition or the immersion of a sham opposition likely orchestrated by him.

“The Prime Minister has demonstrated both in his utterances and actions that he is bent on turning Dominica into a one-party state and he is in full gear towards a total dictatorship in this country.  While we as a politically oppressed people hold our breath that Sir Denis Byron’s electoral reform report will be finally delivered and implemented without further controversy and delay, we do not believe it is fair or sensible to disenfranchise the 16,000 plus Dominicans who supported the opposition in the last General Elections to the glory and satisfaction of the unrepentant Prime Minister,” according to the party.

The party also called on “all abled and suitable men and women of this great land are hereby called upon to offer themselves for service to their country to save it from the tyranny of an impending dictatorship by offering themselves as candidates in this election”.

The APP said there should be a unified theme and message by all contestants of the opposition which should seek to expose the dishonesty of the Prime Minister and the urgency to save the country from an impending dictatorship.

‘The fair people of this country and in particular the supporters of the Labour party are called upon to put the country first before the party and before the leader! You owe it to your children and grandchildren, to save and preserve our democratic way of life which our forefathers fought and died for the future generations,” the statement said.

Adding, “the message for this election, must be to punish the Prime Minister by resoundingly rejecting him and all his surrogates at the polls! He must be taught a lesson in humility and be told in no uncertain terms that this country does not belong to him, but to the people and that he will not be allowed to entrench himself in power by any means necessary like the dictators that he seeks to emulate”.


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