Labour Party to walk for peace

The Dominica Labour Party (DLP) is planning a walk for “peace, progress and prosperity” this weekend.

The announcement was made by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit while addressing supporters of his party during a campaign rally held in Cochrane on Sunday.

The walk will begin from the Pottersville Savannah and culminate with a youth rally on the Newtown Savannah.

“Elections are on but they [the opposition] do not want to run, but they want to march,” Skerrit said. “They are marching all for the wrong reasons ladies and gentlemen, they are marching so as to have a picture of 300 people walking around Roseau.”

Prime Minister Skerrit continued, “They want to give the world an insight as to what is happening in Dominica, well I will then do this.”

He added, “They march for confusion, violence and disruption, they will march on Thursday, November 17, nomination day is Friday, November 18, and I am announcing tonight that my candidates and I shall have a peaceful walk for peace, progress and prosperity on Saturday19, November from the Pottersville Savannah to Newtown culminating in a massive youth rally on the Newtown playing field.”

He called on his supporters to get their walking shoes ready and join the candidates and leaders of the DLP, “for the mother of all walks.”

The march is expected to begin at 4:00PM.

The Electoral Reform coalition Group, during a press conference held last week, called for a peaceful protest following the announcement of snap elections scheduled for Tuesday, December 6, 2022.

Prime Minister Skerrit argued that the opposition wants the President to roll back the elections, “they want another two years to ready themselves.”

He made it clear that Dominica cannot wait two years to reignite its economy.

“Dominica cannot wait two years to kick-start its geothermal sector,” Skerrit remarked. “Dominica cannot wait two years to accelerate the building of an international airport, Dominica cannot wait two years to relocate residents of the southeastern districts.

He indicated that these problems are current and they need to be acted upon now.

“The Dominica Labour Party has asked for national reset, we shall hit the road in January 2023, re-energized and ready for the challenges that lay ahead,” he noted.

He told voters they should not be distracted by the shenanigans of the opposition forces.

“They want elections put back because they are not ready…,” Skerrit stressed. “They cannot agree among themselves who should lead them.”

Meantime, Interim Leader of the Opposition United Workers Party (UWP), Francisca Joseph called on the “good-thinking Dominicans” to stand for justice.

“We are telling you to stand with us,” she said. “Not United Workers Party, not Freedom Party, not Labour Party, but all good-thinking Dominicans who want to stand for justice, who want to stand for equality, who want to stand for equity we are asking you to stand with us.”

Joseph added, “..and when we call you out we want you to turn out in massive numbers. (Source DNO)


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