UPP’s Business Pull-Up Making Strides

​An initiative organized by the United Progressive Party to support small businesses in Antigua and Barbuda is gaining momentum.

Every week the ‘Small Business Pull-up’ is staged in a different constituency, as part of the United Progressive Party’s (UPP) ongoing drive to support small businesses and to highlight the culture, connections, and pride in various communities.

This week, the event will be staged in the constituency of St. John’s City South on Saturday, Sept 17th.

According to a press statement from the party, UPP Candidate Franz DeFreitas will lead a convoy of supporters from Fresh and Ready Supermarket in Belmont to Old Parliament Drive.

“Supporters will then embark on a walking expedition through the city of St. John’s to patronize several small businesses to help them generate more revenues, customers, and visibility. The tour will end with a constituency fundraiser featuring some of the best food vendors in the community,”, it said.

Meanwhile, Franz DeFreitas said he and other members of the party are excited about supporting small business owners.

“Not only do they help create and sustain jobs, but they also keep the community vibrant and buzzing with activity, while contributing to the growth of our national economy,” he said

Harold Lovell, Political Leader of the UPP said the party recognizes the importance of small businesses to the fabric of the community.

“For many, inflation continues to eat away at their profits. By spotlighting and supporting them, it shows how much we appreciate the services that they provide and the sacrifices that they make to support their communities,” he said

This will be the fifth installment of the “Small Business Pull-Up” since its inception. The tour will highlight some of the best eateries, bars, and convenience stores in the city of St. John’s.

The statement said the UPP team will also capitalize on the opportunity to share the Party’s Small Business Agenda for the development and growth, with patrons and owners of small establishments.
The ‘Small Business Pull-up’ ventured into the constituency of St. John’s Rural South last week Saturday.

UPP Candidate for the Constituency, Gladys Potter, led a large convoy of supporters through Ottos, Golden Grove and Nut Grove to patronize 30 small business operators on the itinerary.

“We received a warm welcome from the small business owners and it was a pleasure to showcase my community to our supporters. As proprietor of a small business, I understand the struggles that many small businesses face. Every purchase helps us provide wages for our workers, keep the lights on, and put food on the table for our families,” said Gladys Potter.