Jamaicans protest for the removal of health minister

Hundreds of Jamaicans took to the streets on Wednesday, calling for the removal of the Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton.

The protest was supported by the Leader of the opposition People’s National Party, Mark Golding

They said that the health minister is a “diabolical” liar and that a man like that should never serve in parliament.

Golding said Dr. Tufton lied to the parliament about dogs eating dead babies, saying that this incident marks the second time Dr. Tufton has faced similar issues.

Opposition spokesperson on Finance, Julian Robinson, joined the demonstrators, saying that the PNP is disturbed by the findings of the Auditor General regarding the misplaced Covid-19 funds.

The protesters who marched on the SEHRA head office in New Kingston yesterday also questioned Dr. Tufton’s qualification to head the ministry.


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