Man who raped daughters while mom watched to be sentenced in December

A convicted serial rapist in Jamaica who forced a mother to watch as he robbed and raped her two daughters pleaded guilty to multiple counts of rape in a High Court this week.

According to the report, the women were on their way home from church when they were abducted by Everton Bennett who was charged with rape, forcible abduction, robbery with aggravation, and illegal possession of a firearm.

He will be sentenced on December 15 and the state is hoping that he will serve no less than 21 years of hard labor under the guilty plea agreement.

The attacks on the women were carried out between February 3 and 15, 2021 during a time when Bennett had rented a vehicle.

He was also convicted for another incident during that time involving a security guard who on her way home from work was forced into his car and rapped by him.

According to the woman, he inquired whether she was a virgin and if she had heard of the recent murders in the area.

Following that attack, two days later a student on her way to school, was kidnapped and robbed of her phone and cash by the men traveling in Bennett’s rented vehicle.

During that ordeal, she was rapped by the criminal.

The police, believe that Bennett and the other occupants of the vehicle who they are yet to capture had sexually violated more than the four women over the period he had rented the vehicle.

“We would have had other cases, but some complainants withdrew because of fear. It was actually a series of events, same description, same modus, but they came forward, made the report, and were medically examined, but to deal with the trauma of the statements being recorded and all that they just did not show up.

“So, without that, we cannot prosecute [for those victims] because they indicated they didn’t want to follow through because they didn’t want to re-live [the ordeal] and for many other reasons,” the Jamaica Observer was told.

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