Government demands Walker provide “tiefing” evidence to the police

​The government wants Trevor Walker, the MP of Barbuda, to provide claims to the police that Gaston Browne and his administration stole from the Hurricane Irma relief funds.

“You see all them plywood they putting up and making billboards, is Barbuda relief money buy them. I’m not afraid to say it because I know. They thief half of Barbuda’s relief money and we still struggling and sufferings,” Walker told a United Progressive Party rally on Thwaites corner last night

But in a statement to the press on Friday, the Government is calling on the Barbuda Peoples Movement leader to “provide the evidence of his wicked and malicious claim to the Police”

“First, he who accuses must prove, and second that any person who has knowledge of any violation of the law has a duty to report it to the Police, or that person can be charged with withholding evidence, which, itself is a crime. If he fails to do so, he will reveal himself as a political opportunist intent on inflaming anti-government sentiment in Barbuda,” the statement said

Furthermore, the government said the claims by walker are untruthful and blatantly false

“Even accepting that general elections in Antigua and Barbuda must be constitutionally held in the coming months, and that candidates for election, are prone to making careless and reckless statements in an effort to whip-up political passion, Mr. Trevor Walker’s maliciously dishonest claim demands to be fully exposed”

“It goes without saying, that the Government of Antigua and Barbuda dismisses Mr. Walker’s claim as baseless and untruthful. However, the claim comes from a person who is an elected member of the national House of Assembly,” the statement continued


  1. Anonymous

    You know what I believe what Mr Trevor Walker is saying.

  2. Anonymous

    How come cabinet or the government Never ask the Prime Minister to provide evidence of his signature being used in a crime, or Michelle Browne statement about the police I think he said that they tried to set him up for a crime after his rape case.

    Is only now they know that a person cannot make a statement accusing others of a crime and not provide the evidence to the police, how about the break in at your Home Mr. PM or the monies from the Port Auction that Max said ALP tour government only interested in the money never mind the crime.

    Now while your at it maybe u can provide the police with the resources to solve the cases they are waiting on DNA and forensic evidence from Barbados to go court but you and your government fail to pay the Labs? Where is the Justice for those families.

    You see when a stone is thrown in a pig pen is the noise let you know if any of them get hit, and it would appear that somebody in the ALP PIG PEN get hit across dem head. Lololol


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