Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Custom brokers charged with 30 counts of forgery

On Monday the police arrested and jointly charged custom brokers 47yr-old Rowan Bryan Mathew of Judges Hill Estates and 46yr-old Foston George of Pares Village with:

Three Counts of Cheating the Public Revenue.

Four Counts of Obtaining by False Pretence.

Three Counts of Conspiracy to Defraud.

Three Counts of Making a False Declaration.

Six Counts of Electronic Forgery.

Three Counts of Fraudulent Conversion.

Three Counts of Disposing of Proceeds of Crime

The above-mentioned offences were allegedly committed between January and August 2018

Both men were further charged jointly with One count each of Cheating the Public Revenue, Conspiracy to Defraud, Making a False Declaration, Obtaining by False Pretence, Disposing of Proceeds of Crime, Fraudulent Conversion and two counts each of Electronic Forgery.

These offences were allegedly committed between 15 and 19 December 2017 in St. Johns


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