Three police officers participate in international leadership course

Three officers from the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda have completed an international leadership and management course in Barbados.

Participants were Assistant Commissioner of Police Roland Cuffy, Inspector Esther Defoe, and Inspector Vonda-kay Frederick

It was designed for officers within the police forces of the RSS member states.

The course enabled participants to reflect on their leadership and management styles in the policing environment.

It was also aimed at considering how they can utilize self-awareness and evidence-based policing research to develop their knowledge, skills, understanding, attitude, and behavior so that they can lead more effectively in a complex policing environment.

At the request of the Regional Security System, Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney delivered the closing remarks.

“The course was beneficial not only for Antigua and Barbuda but for members of the regional security forces. We have recognized that the role of leaders is changing, there are new and emerging trends within law enforcement and we need that training to address the issues we have to face,” Rodney said

The course was organized by the Regional Security System Headquarters (RSS HQ) in collaboration with Durham Constabulary in the United Kingdom.

“I am indeed pleased with the collaborative effort that we have to provide that level of training and we are looking forward to that long-lasting relationship…” Rodney added


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