Cement shortage affecting construction

A shortage of cement, steel, and some aggregates is affecting the construction sector in Antigua and Barbuda

Several contractors have been scratching their heads for several weeks as the materials are very limited, with some not having been able to move forward with their projects

The Cabinet said on Wednesday that they received a report that several building projects throughout Antigua and Barbuda are unable to move forward as rapidly as they would like because of the scarcity of cement, steel, and some aggregates. 

It was reported that as soon as the vessel bearing its cargo of cement discharges the material at the Crabbes Plant, the firms that sell premixed concrete regularly scoop up all the cement until the vessel returns one week later; then, the same series of events recur.

The government said there is a construction boom taking place in Antigua and Barbuda that was “deliberately engineered by the Gaston Browne Administration; when it became evident that the Covid-19 pandemic would disrupt our tourism traffic; the administration moved to incentivize construction,”.

Several hotels and other building projects are scheduled to begin within weeks; they will add to the demand for cement, steel, and aggregates.


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