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Editorial Staff

LPG shortage affecting Antigua and Barbuda

There’s a shortage of Liquid Petroleum Gas in Antigua and Barbuda and the Chief Executive Officer of the West Indies Oil Company Gregory Georges says everything is being done to address the issue.

Georges told the media on Monday morning that the shortage is due to severe weather conditions.

“When the vessel arrived, those swells were in the region of 7 to 9 feet and the chief pilot in his wisdom deemed conditions too unsafe to be able to berth that vessel,” Georges explained.

He said WIOC had to trust the decision of the pilot. “The vessel returned to Antigua and tried to get on but the wind conditions worsened. It would have just been too risky,” he said

The vessel tried to stay in Antigua until the weather conditions improved but that was too costly, Georges said.

The vessel has set a firm date of Saturday, December 17th, however, WIOC is trying to find alternatives “to get to Antigua before that”

Georges said WIOC has been trying to reach out to other supplies but there seems to be a roadblock.

“LPG is being affected by not just weather around here but bad weather in the gulf as well…it has been a challenge; we are working feverishly to get a supply shipped to us sooner but it has been a challenge”.

Gasoline, Diesel, Jet Fuel, and heavy fuel oil are available, according to Georges.

The Buckeye Petroleum Terminal in Cul-de-Sac Bay, Castries, St. Lucia is currently closed due to adverse sea and wind conditions.


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