Editorial Staff

Editorial Staff

Gang violence a major issue for MOE

The issue of gang violence in schools was addressed in Cabinet and the Ministry of Social Transformation has directed its social workers and others trained in the field to provide a paper that addresses solutions.

The paper is expected to be presented to the Cabinet once this is done.

Just this week alone, there were reports of several gang-related violence in Antigua and Barbuda, mainly involving young people.

In fact, the Cabinet in their deliberations on Wednesday and reported that retaliatory actions by gang members have spawned a series of attacks against students.

Education Minister Daryl Mathew says the police have been called in, the behaviors are triggered by students from dysfunctional families.

All this comes as police are investigating what many say was a premeditated attack on a schoolboy.

The Antigua Grammar School student sustained chop wounds to his hand and head following a violent attack with a cutlass two days ago

Lawmen said at the time that the teenage boy was walking home when three young men dressed in hoodies allegedly waiting for him by Teachers Place pounced upon him.


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